The increasing competition and advanced technology in marketing has been made efficient through online platforms. For effective online marketing, product descriptions play a vital role in driving sales. A product description can be defined as a marketing copy used to describe or avail detailed information about a product to customers…

Trading in Bitcoin: David Shares/ UnSplash

Investing or trading in cryptocurrency has become the modern way of settling payments. It provides efficiency and security. The advantages of such trade are of concern to you. As a strategic investor, grasping the knowledge beforehand is vital for decision-making.

Any form of investment is risky due to some market…

How to Prepare For Its Effects in Future

A kid interacting with a robot. Photo Courtesy: Andy Kelly Unsplash

The rise and increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) in businesses greatly impacts business operations. AI simulates human capabilities such as reasoning, learning and solving problems by use of well designed algorithms. The need for AI in organizations results from its ability to handle risky tasks such as default and…

5 Factors You Really Need to Consider. These Will Help You Decide!

I know it is disgusting. The strict supervision, delayed salaries…sorry! I mean wages. Employment life is not that easy. Inability to manage your finances. Living from one pay check to another-not a situation to smile about. Right? The time is also not on your side. …

John Mulela

John is an experienced marketing expert, financial analyst and a freelance business writer.

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