7 Amazing Elements of an Effective Product Descriptions

The increasing competition and advanced technology in marketing has been made efficient through online platforms. For effective online marketing, product descriptions play a vital role in driving sales. A product description can be defined as a marketing copy used to describe or avail detailed information about a product to customers. It acts as the part of a product giving informing consumers about the product’s features and benefits. Well-crafted descriptions, generate high results.

Your products descriptions must have certain elements that engage prospective customers. Having the proper and luring words in your product descriptions increases chances of customers’ decisions.

Advertisement Illustration. Andre Benz/ Unsplash.

What Are the Purposes of a Product Description?

A product description shows the value of a product to potential consumers while providing its features and benefits. They are tailored towards influencing customers to purchase the product. Furthermore, a great product description supplies a consumer with detailed information on suitability of the product.

a) Describe the Product

Properly identification of the product enables consumers to easily understand your product. On the tittle, use well analyzed keywords for easy ranking of your description on search engines. Ranking on search engines highly depends on certain metrics that include keywords.

b) Establish an Emotional Connection

Let your content spark a sense of excitement to the readers. Your content should address the prospective readers needs through presenting every detail of your product. Additionally, a product that provides guarantee to prospective buyers goes further to ensure conversions.

c) Use Persuasive Language

Marketing plays with consumers’ psychology hence the need for persuasive language in crafting your product description.

Use of polite words impress customers. This increases their willingness to purchase by boosting your product descriptions convincing power.

d) Include a Photo or a Short Video of Your Product

Visualization of your product works wonders in increasing your product consumers. Images and videos reinforce your description hence enabling your prospective buyer make up his mind on his or her decision. They highlight the product features while availing the product in action to prospective buyers. Information on how to use the product can also be availed through videos or photos.

e) Focus on the Benefits

You may think overemphasize on features helps the consumer make a decision but benefits drive sales. A consumer makes an informed decision only when the product’s benefits have been well articulated. You have to solve your customers’ problems when providing your product. You search for a given product online when in a pressing need that you hope to solve when you find that product. Besides, availing most of the necessary details works to the benefit of your product.

f) Avail and Illustrate your Products’ Substitutes

Comparing your products with others may not work in all products but gives an insight to the buyers. Detailed comparison enables your consumer acquire adequate information about the product. Afterwards, an informed decision can be made to purchase the product. Additionally, comparison avails more information on how effective your product delivers. Generally, consumers would like to achieve more when using your product than their previous purchases.

g) Reviews and Testimonials

Consumers prefer products that have enabled other consumers achieve more results. Therefore, reviews and testimonials avail a proof of the product’ effectiveness. Through online platforms, consumers leave a review of how the given product’ effectiveness or vice versa. Sharing some of your customers’ reviews boosts trustworthy thus high conversions.


Your prospective buyers are looking for something that meets their expectations. Thus make sure your product descriptions take into account all the features.